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as was the practice of their predecessor, the "oh so social". V: petasus office depot ink coupons / petasos : a broad-brimmed hat worn by ancient Greek travelers and hunters, often represented in art as a winged hat worn by Hermes or Mercury bushido : the traditional code of the samurai, especially in feudal Japan, which emphasizes loyalty and obedience. Base piece : the artillery (arty) gun located closest to the Battery (BTY) command element or Fire Direction Center (FDC so usually being the first to shoot a fire mission; see howitzer. This exercise is similar to the touch AND GO landing practice of ground-based pilots. Cf: Japanese bento/obento (to manage or provide provisions for an eat-out meal) boxers / boxer shorts : a pair of loose-fitting undershorts with an unsecured fly and either a drawstring or elastic waistband, as issued to men at the reception station before basic military training. Fuddruckers - 1915 Scenic Hwy N Burger King - 3580 Centerville Hwy (124) Krystal - Main St Atlanta Bread Co - Rt 124, Scenic Way Appleby's - Rt 124, Scenic Way Mellow Mushroom - 2000 Main.

Buster : full aircraft engine power, less afterfurners; to go fast. An infrared (IR) version is also available for instrument detection. Nb: Germany has traditionally trained its officer candidates in an eight week basic course at one of several academies (kriegsschule) before sending the graduates along to further training for varying periods in their branch specialization bode : short for Cambodian, also expressed as "Cambode see.

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Von Steuben (1779) details America's first manual on military organization and drill specifications nb: The military "bible" should've been FM 100-5 Operations, FM 31-22.S. would have surely welcomed meaningless inflation in ranks as much as modern troops nb: although the usaf phased-out their Warrant Officer ranks in 1979, designating technical personnel as NCOs and command personnel as officers, they did not resume the wwii Army Air Corps program. Also, after much debate, the new standardized headgear for the.S. Although clip-pointed knives (eg: MK2 / kabar, pilot'S survival knife, etc) have been issued to MIL-pers, the traditional bowie knife was largely forgotten until the 1950 film The Iron Mistress revived its popularity. Also, an athletic contest comprising any two consecutive events, whether organized as sprint, intermediate, or endurance. Also, liquor (eg: bonded whiskey) that has been aged under seal in a certified warehouse for at least four years before bottling; see hooch, class SIX.

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