Couponing forums california

couponing forums california

then when you go into the stores, you can actually figure out your own deals by looking at the items and the coupons, Erler said. It takes a lot of planning. . I either get our local store or Walmart. I found out about it through a coupon blogger on that TLC show Extremem Couponers, so it's a pretty well known program at this point. At the most I've saved maybe 50 Is anyone else in my area able to get better deals?

Another way I've been saving money though is with online "points" sites. . Sort Order, ascendingDescending, from The, last DayLast 2 DaysLast WeekLast 10 DaysLast 2 WeeksLast MonthLast 45 DaysLast 2 MonthsLast 75 DaysLast 100 DaysLast YearBeginning. M mrsbakersbun @allik527 I agree!

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If you do a lot of shopping online anyway, you'll basically be getting a percentage of what you spend back from every purchase. . None of our stores double either. . Right now im building a larger stock pile so i can take a few month break live off the stockpile when this baby comes r runningmascara @mommy2ptb I live in Chicago and the only store where I feel like I get great deals. The only saving grace we have is Publix. If california let you "get paid" for overage I would not have paid anything along with the 20 packs of gum I bought. But luckily I get to shop at the BX which doesn't have tax and price challenges. W WaterMelonSmugler @allik527, lowes foods doubles.99. I'm in central. Stores such as Target allow coupon stacking, or using two coupons on one item. It's like a search engine. Target also a really good one since you can use their coupons and manufactures.

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