G&l clothing coupon

g&l clothing coupon

: One Wee : Small, little. Honnel : Handle Hudnae : Had not Hunner/s : Hundred/s, as in There were hunners a folk there this mornin. Massehl : Myself Maw : Mum, mother Menshy : Grafitti Mental : Normally used when referring to someone who has tried to be tough, but has also been a bit of an idiot. Wee man : Friend, mate. Pure : A descriptive word which means the same as really. Yersel : Yourself Youse : You guys, this would normally be used in the same context as the American Yall. Mockit : Dirty, manky, mingin, disgusting, horrible. Rotton : This can mean that something or someone is really bad, as in That dinner we had the other night was rotton.

Dancin : Used when talking about a nightclub, as in Ahm going tae the dancin the night. Heavy : Can be used instead of the word very, but can also be used to describe bad news. Kerry oot : Carry out. Nae : No Nae-borra : Literally means No bother. Punter : Customer or consumer.

g&l clothing coupon

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Copper crack : Dirty bum Coupon : Face, as in Whats up wi your coupon? Normally used by teenagers, as in Will you nip mah pal? This phrase is normally used to highlight someones bold cheel or unwittingly embarrassing behavior in company of others. Rid neck : Embarassed, particularly when les miserables promo code philadelphia a persons face gets very red. Clatty : Dirty, manky, mingin. Poacket : Pocket Poke : Paper bag, as in when in the chippie, Kin ah get a poke a chips please? Aboot, about, aff : Off, ah/Ahll/Ahm : I/Ill/Im, ain : Own, as in my own, which would be Ma ain. Motur : Car, as in Ahm going tae pick up the motur fae the garage. James had a beamer when realised his fly was down. Gonnae : Will you or can you, as in Gonnae gies a wee dod a that? See pure dead brilliant.

Nick is an unconventional producer who combines these elements with deftness and tact, using a palette he has spent years creating. Mad wi it Very drunk Maest : Most Mah : Used to refer to ones mum/mother, but also means. Here you : An expression used to attract someones attention. Bahookie : Buttocks, bum, bottom, arse, erse, ass, butt. Randan : If someone is going out on the randan it means that they are going out for a drink, particularly to a nightclub.

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