Goodrx coupon card

goodrx coupon card

time it was the old it's "up to the pharmacy or the pharmacist on duty. That isn't going help my mothers blood pressure or am I "incorrect"? I said NO, here's the number and an extension to somebody at Walmart Corporate if you want to double check. Basically being politely called a liar has upset me so what went from a basic "They aren't accepted at Walmart review" has become "they sell your personal information review". They sell your personal medical information, Nothing in life is free 10/19/18, you know when you get a feeling that something is too good to be true? I brought a blood pressure prescription for my elderly mother to WalMart that I had filled for her about 10 times. Call some other Walmarts by you and check their prices out with the GoodRx coupon which actually NO pharmacy will do unless they have a prescription in hand because for a pharmacy to just "run" the GoodRx coupon costs them money.

Update: Reply to GoodRxs response which made me really look into this company: The moral is I'm not "in talks to be acquired for at least.5 billion" which isn't bad for a company valued at 300 million but they do have A LOT. That doesn't seem too fishy at all. They don't accept them.

That has recently changed and most pharmacies will give you the lowest price possible but not always, I have found this to be especially true at Walgreen's, they will usually come in way higher then say Costco, in some cases 10X as much. Stop paying too much for your prescriptions. Translation: They will send you a 10 Amazon gift card or something along those lines. Like a fool I wasted my time and every one of them said new corporate policy as of August 2018, NO Walmart should accept them. The other links confirm it and are mostly pharmacists.