Coupon amount woocommerce

coupon amount woocommerce

for selected categories. When the new categories setting requires that shopper to have products from all categories defined in the coupon in the cart before the coupon is considered to be valid. Coupons menu option to manage your shops coupons. WooCommerce Super Coupons Remove Coupons Invalid Coupons These features are great for ensuring shoppers arent using coupon combinations that you dont want them to use.

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coupon amount woocommerce

See the previous screenshot above, youll see the checkboxes related to this feature. Exclude sale items tick this checkbox if the coupon cant be applied to products on sale. Or maybe you want to ensure that the coupon is valid only if the shopper purchases at least 3 products but not more than 25 products. For example: buy X items of one product to get discount for Y items of this or other product. WooCommerce Super Coupons Chained Coupons Chained coupons themselves do not apply discounts, instead a chained coupon lets you define a set of coupons (any coupons that youve already created in your site) that are automatically added to the cart when the chained coupons code. Customize the date and time ranges for when a coupon is valid in WooCommerce.