Mother's day coupon book printable

mother's day coupon book printable

the edge of the coupon book. Now lets get you this printable mothers day coupon book! The colors werent quite right and I wish I knew why. Printer, stapler, free coupon download (printed) 1 piece of card stock or construction paper (color of choice). If you have trouble getting the staple to go all the way through the coupons and card, then you can sew them in place with a needle and thread instead. Print this one page Mothers. The piece I've used here.5.5 cm (about 6".

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mother's day coupon book printable

Mother's, day gift, but all the coupons also are free and can be printed right from home. Now you can decorate your coupon booklet however you like. You want it to be a little bit wider than a coupon, and a little bit longer than twice as long. Here I will show you how to make a mothers day coupon book, as well as provide you with the free printable coupon download.

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Free, printable, mothers, day, coupon, book, are you in need of a thoughtful gift to help the kids make for their mom this mothers day? . Mothers, day card as the cover, the note as the second page and the coupons behind that. I emailed the files to Office Max and they printed them for. Now your coupon book closes like a matchbook. He usually does something for me around the house that I have been nagging asking him politely. If you love it, Pin it! They are both marvelous designer coupon on just one sheet of paper, because aint nobody got time (or the ink) for printing multiple pages for each kid! If you would like to add some bling to the binding, secure some sequins, rhinestones or buttons with glue and allow to dry. They are all soooo nice to me that day, ha! This pin below will do nicely. BUT, if you are looking for something for your church or school class that cute kids can give to their moms, then I have your back! There you have it!