President's choice baby formula coupons

president's choice baby formula coupons

whichever brand name formula was on sale, all the while looking longingly at the price tag under the bargain brand. The name brands must be more expensive because theyre healthier, I naively told myself. You can also locate a sales rep via email). I meticulously compared the levels of each vitamin and mineral. I will never buy that brand (of anything) again! Established Abbott accounts can register and order online. Aside for some minuscule, undetectable differences, they were made up of virtually identical ingredients. I am not a new parent trying to navigate the diaper isle! We feel guilty about snapping at our cranky kids, we feel guilty when we opt for macaroni and cheese for dinner rather than a healthy, home-cooked meal, and we feel guilty if we decide once and for all that Mommy needs a little me time.

I thought to myself. Then, not 2 days of wearing them, now my child has a rash on his skin in various places the diaper touches. Select flavorunflavored PowderUnflavored Liquid. I even went back to the Parents Choice box to make sure I didn't accidentally grab the wrong size, nope. None of the various brans I have tried have been this. Parent's Choice diapers appeared smaller, the lining was very thin, and the over all surface area that covers the bottom is smaller therefore giving a much to much small fit for a size. I hope Walmart has a satisfaction guarantee for Parent Choice items! Parents Choice at regular price costs about 19 at Walmart and often drops down to about 14 when its on sale.

Theyre all pretty much the same. Honestly, whatever is on sale, I said.

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