Promo code for royal caribbean drink package

promo code for royal caribbean drink package

subject to NRD Booking Terms. Onboard discounts thrifty valet parking coupon logan for the drink packages a relatively new offering, so these discounts may vary. As with all onboard discounts available to Crown and Anchor Society members, it is up to you to ask the crew member for the discount to be applied at the time of purchase. OBC is in USD, has no cash value, is non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and will expire if not used by 10:00 PM on the last evening of the cruise.

I've never found those to be particularly good deals, though, certainly not in comparison to some of the things I've managed to get at 3 months out. The exact discount will vary, although it is common to see a 20 discount off the daily rate.  Keep in mind that you will be charged in full for the drink package at the time of purchase. These days, discounts are available for Royal Caribbean's beverage packages, but you will need to be proactive to get. Beverage Packages section and look for advertised rates. My feeling is that around about final payment date, lines get very keen to flog any remaining staterooms that they have left, or to resell any that have been cancelled. I think if you want a hard to get specific room get in early but if it's a run of the mill cabin, wait.

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We usually end up near the top of the ship rather than down below! Did you know Royal Caribbean offers discounts on its very popular unlimited alcohol drink packages? We often book a guarantee, and we've never had what I'd call a bad location. There's also the possibility, at this point, of getting some offers on drinks packages, but it's not a given by any means. Offer is combinable with select promotions. FCC is non-transferable and expires after 12-months from issue date.